Survivor Series in Memes Starring: AJ Styles and Stephanie’s Wife

What a wonderful weekend of wrestling.

Great storytelling, great technique, outstanding creativity in and out of the ring.

Why muck it up in the last 20 minutes with a mistake that’s been done oh-so-many-times?

I guess the old adage is true: “Those who don’t remember history… are called Vince McMahon.”

Let’s go to the memes!

1) I Hereby Declare

Without any source is dissent from any party:

2) McMahon gonna McMahon

Vince and The Internet are in a bar talking:

3) The only thing #Broken

Is my faith Matt will reach the heights we were hoping for when the Hardys’ theme played at Wrestlemania:

4) Braun Strowman

And his amazing impersonations:

5) Let Me Just…

… tell it like it is:


This was the Women’s Survivor Series Match:

7) This is Heavy, Doc

I mean this is really heavy:

8) FFS, John…

You couldn’t get a damn blue shirt on?

9) Another Great Showing

From these talented two teams, who put on another great match. As the poet Anakin would say:

10) OMG!!

The Space/Time continuum is gonna…

11) I’d Love to be a Fly on the Wall

At the booking meeting do discuss that main event finish:

12) 3-Man Booth

Nah, we need to do better:

13) From The Bottom Of My Heart

I would just like to say:

14) However, The Most Important Thing To Remember From Survivor Series

Is simply this:

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts.

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