Your Monday Night Raw Report… in Memes!

The Post-Royal Rumble Raw encompassed the best and worst of WWE, with 3 very compelling wrestling matches, that contrasted heavily Stephanie’s opening promo and Wyatt and Hardy laughing at each other.

That good news is: all this can be turned into memes. (Rumble memes here, by the way)

Let’s do this!

1 – Congratulations are in order

Undoubtedly, one of my tag teams to grace the wrestling ring in the last 20 years. A much deserved honor. The only missing piece may have been a Bubba/Bully Ray singles run, as his TNA stint showed he can more than cut it.

2 – “Wrestling is now my life”

I’ve taken the liberty of putting the word out.

3 – You can’t be super special every week…

Although some have tried before you, Steph:

4 – Speaking of whom…

Can I just say:

5 – Announcer changes

Welcomed addition, although we might need a few weeks to get used to 2 coherent announcers, as Jonathan Coachman joins Corey Graves.

6 – The rage of Braun

Didn’t stop with Kane:

7 – The new must-see meme

He really does have Roman’s number.

8 – FFS Sasha

Sometimes, I just feel it’s amazing she’s still walking.

9 – Creative Purgatory

You’ve seen one Bray Wyatt feud, you’ve seen them all. Unless, wait… I think he’s trying to tell us something:

10 – The Wrestling

Let me just use Picard in a positive way:

That’s it from me. Thank you for staying tuned.

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