The Smackdown with AJ Balboa in Memes

Even though it feature memeable action, this Smackdown felt a bit like the ending of Survivor Series: you could easily tell there were better ways to go about most of the booking.

But let’s get to the memes!

1 – Receipt!

Remember this quote?

Well, now you’ve seen the actual receipt:

2 – Low on the “Making Sense” Meter

But easily explained:

3 – The Creative Xerox Machine

I would love it if they shut me up by explaining on a later episode how this makes sense from a creative/innovation standpoint:

4 – While We’re On The Subject…

I call upon Mr. Brooks to exact an apology:

5 – Remember when Mojo Rawley won the Memorial Battle Royal?

Rocketeer Farms remebers.

To the two of you who got this joke, I appreciate it.

6 – AJ Balboa

As per “The Phenomenal One”, AJ is going to be just like Rocky II when he faces Brock again. I can work with that:

7 – Hopefully…

… Brock doesn’t go all Rocky IV on the southern boy:

8 – Correction

Actually, I’m sorry. It would probably be more like this:

9 – Hopefully II…

We never have to be subjected to this:

10 – LordsOfBooking.Net

As an indy booker, a big tell-tale sign for me would be if I visited a local comment section and found better ideas than the ones me and my guys were coming with.

You know, like:

Or my personal favorite:

11 – Shinsuke’s Coming Out Party

Hard work pays off:

12 – Good News Though

From 205 Live:

That’s it from me. Thank you for reading/looking.

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